Hey there team, a while ago I promised an ‘interview’, so while I was chatting to Trish the other day, I quizzed her. Some of you may know that Trish is one of our trainers, teaches Year 7 & 8, and is also a member of the SLT at her school in West Auckland.

What is one word you’d use to describe Kagan? Engagement

If Kagan was an icecream flavour, what would it be? Goody Goody Gumdrops

What is your favourite structure? So many…Timed Pair Share, oh and anything that’s a Classbuilder, as the kids really love getting up and moving and interacting

What is your go-to Silly Sport and Goofy Game? The Freeze plus 3 Deep as its really quick, a lot of moving around, no one person can be in for very long and it’s not too physical.

How about Teambuilding – what one? Anything with cards, like RoundRobin or Fan-n-Pick. The kids love asking each other the questions.

What is your favourite Kagan resource? Silly Sports and Goofy Games

Have you had any feedback from parents? Yes, they are all very positive about Kagan, as they have seen the increase in their child’s confidence.

Advice to newbies?

I am into multi-structural lessons and can pop in structures without thinking really, but to be honest, after Day 1, I’m not sure I ‘had it’. I thought I did, but be prepared for the fact that you may not get it straight away, and don’t stop! It might be uncomfortable at first, but that will get easier. When I did Day 2, things really clicked for me. I used to plan for each structure, and have the structure steps to refer to. Now I only do that when I am introducing a new one. I’m also able to stop myself from asking whole class questions without having them interact or share in some way first. I give myself a ‘pat on the back’ every time I do that, as that is a hard habit to break – for any teacher.

Any other PLD our school is doing, I integrate it with Kagan as it makes it so easy and is a great pairing with everything – wonderful! Like when I did my ESOL paper and they talked about Rich Tasks – Kagan! and Pasifica Maths? Kagan! I feel a bit guilty really, as the other PLD trainers think its going well because of their programme, when in fact I’ve Kaganised it, and that’s what to me, is making the most difference.

So that’s what happens when you call Jennie for a chat – interrogation! Watch out, next time it could be you!!!

I’m after a principal next, so watch this space…

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