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Are you responsible for engaging staff members in staff meetings, CoLs, or work sessions? Join other instructional leaders who are transforming their schools improving the quality of their meetings. Experience why Michael Fullan states, “Cooperative Meetings is a treasure chest of ideas, resources, and activities for staff developers and others wishing to engage in dynamic learning experiences. No other resource exists that contains such a comprehensive set of strategies to enhance learning for all.” 

This workshop gives you step by step structures to build a trusting and collaborative school culture. Leave with inspiration and direction to create a professional learning community of motivated, caring leaders and learners. This workshop is a must for the 21st century work environment.

Perfect for principals, deputy principals, team leaders, and CoL leaders.

Workshop Outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • engage all staff in every meeting using proven structures and strategies
  • model best practice for classrooms and meetings
  • use Kagan Structures for parent meetings or hui wananga
  • create effective teacher teams depending on meeting purpose
  • build positive and respectful relationships between all staff
  • incorporate ‘communitybuilding’ in every meeting and the importance of doing so
  • create a collaborative culture school-wide
  • provide multiple opportunities for professional dialogue
  • know when to involve all teachers in the decision-making process
  • select the appropriate decision-making process
  • create relational trust
Workshop Materials

You will receive:

  • Kagan Cooperative Meetings book (so big it’s a binder with over 500 pages!)
  • Workshop handout
Promo Material

Pre-purchase these resources at a special price:

Class/Staff Culture Combo

Kagan Cooperative Learning


Upcoming Events


14th and 15th June 2017 8.30-4pm

National Library of New Zealand

8 Stanley Street, Parnell

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Host a Kagan workshop at your school

1-20 participants $1500 plus

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21-50 participants $1500 plus

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51-99 participants $1600 plus

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  • These prices are for school-hosted workshops (school provides venue, catering, and covers trainer travel expenses where applicable)
  • All participants are required to purchase the Cooperative Meetings binder valued at US$199 but workshop special price is $179 NZ!
  • All prices include the workshop workbook
  • Prices details: Base-fee plus the per person price, plus the Kagan text (where applicable – usually on the first day only)
  • All prices are exclusive of GST (NB Cooperative Meetings binder is GST inclusive)

All prices are per person for the two day workshop and include the Cooperative Meetings binder (valued US$199) and workshop handout. To qualify for the special prices, all bookings must be made at the same time. We are happy to invoice separate schools.

Catering is included.

All prices are exclusive of GST.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Kagan - can I still do Cooperative Meetings?

Yes you can, as it is a stand-alone workshop. We do use Kagan Structures from Cooperative Learning to deliver the workshop, but we also teach you new structures to use with your teachers, so they get to learn from you as well, making you look very clever!

We ensure you leave with everything you need to start running cooperative meetings and fully engage your staff – no more hiding behind laptops.

Will I lose control of my meetings using Cooperative Meetings?

No you won’t, because you will be structuring and facilitating discussions, seating your teachers in teams, versus around the room, or in random seating arrangements, and using our management strategies to stop and start activities.

Won't it take more time to use structures at meetings?

Quite possibly – but your meetings will be more effective than you reading your notes to the staff. Think about your classrooms – would you want your teachers doing all the talking day in day out? The person who talks the most is also the person learning the most.

With Cooperative Meetings you also get to create staff culture and develop relationships, as well as encourage active participation from all staff members. Rigorous professional discussions are crucial to a collaborative school, but to ensure everyone is contributing you will need to structure for that in a safe way, otherwise the same teachers will continue to dominate while the same quiet ones continue to say very little or nothing.

Who should attend this workshop?

Whoever is responsible for running meetings in your school, should attend. In a small school that might just be the principal or DP, but in larger schools that would also extend to Deans, HODs or Team Leaders.

Do I have to do both days?

Yes, because the content straddles both days. To do justice to each area of focus and to ensure you leave with the skills to start creating a more collaborative culture straight away, we need the time to practice and process structures and strategies.

What exactly is the Cooperative Meetings binder?

It’s a huge binder with everything you need to implement the learning from the workshop. It has theory, plans, resources, masters, and readings – as Michael Fullan says “its a treasure chest of ideas, resources and activities”.

How will this be useful for our CoL?

One of the main purposes of a CoL is to bring teachers together to work collaboratively around supporting all students in the CoL. However, collaboration doesn’t happen by chance, or just by saying “let’s collaborate”. It needs to be a lot more deliberate than that to make sure everyone is contributing and participating, and that everyone feels safe to take risks, ask for help, admit weaknesses, voice their opinion, and share knowledge and data.

Cooperative Meetings will not only give you strategies and structures to develop trusting relationships and structure professional discussions, but our decision-making strategies will enable you to collaboratively make decisions in a fair and equitable way.

What other support do you offer?

We offer Kagan Coaching and strategic planning sessions with school leaders including implementation plans. Kagan Coaching for this workshop means we would meet with you and plan and co-run or model a meeting with you.


What about Kagan resources? What ones do we need?

We would advise everyone to buy the Kagan Coopertative Learning book (BKCL) if you don’t already have it in the school. This book is extremely comprehensive and is a fantastic resource. It includes FAQs, research, structures, social skills, resources, activities, classbuilding, teambuilding and lots more.

We would definitely recommend the following:

Silly Sports and Goofy Games; Team Mats; Classbuilding Questions, Teambuilding Questions; and the Megatimer if you don’t have a visible timer.

How many teachers can you train at once?

We can train as many as required dependent on the size of the venue. The more the merrier is always our approach. If you are a principal of a large school with say 80 staff, it would be very beneficial for you to see Kagan Structures used with a similar number, so we embrace big numbers – bring it on!

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