Facilitating and Coaching Effective Teaching Practice

The Challenge

Due to recent staff changes, resulting in a reorganisation of teaching teams, several teachers were now teaching a different level than they were used to as well as now being in a different team. Teaching as Inquiry was underway, but some were ‘going through the motions’.

These were the concerns:

  • Teachers were finding it difficult to collaborate
  • Some were finding it hard at the new level, and felt they weren’t getting the support they needed
  • There was no shared pedagogy
  • Students weren’t progressing as well as they should due to a lack of engagement and pedagogical knowledge
  • Oral language was weak
  • Teaching Key Competencies and Values school-wide was a concern
  • Team Meetings were more for administration purposes
  • Help was needed to set up efefctive PLGs
  • Classroom culture and management were lacking
  • Some teachers were resistant to change and new learning

The Solution

Working alongside the SLT and engaging in discussions and observations, we decided that the place to start was building teacher capability in effective curriuclum delivery and creating effective learning environments with positive management.

Our hunch was that if teachers were using the same pedagogy for teaching and learning programmes, including a focus on Key Competencies and Values, then this would make a difference for them and their students.


I worked with all teachers, including the SLT, to increase teacher capability in student engagement, inclusion, safe learning environments, and social and communication skill development.

  1. Comprised 10 hours of PLD
  2. Followed up with modelling and coaching
  3. Set up PLGs based around, and using the shared pedagogy


  • Built teacher capability to create safe and effective learning environments
  • Increased teacher capability to actively engage all students using culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Strong implementation of new pedagogical practices through follow-up coaching and modelling
  • Set up PLGs for collaborative problem-solving, reflection and to support teaching as inquiry
  • Facilitated staff and team meetings to ensure relationship development
  • Facilitated staff and team meetings to ensure professional dialogue with everyone contributing
  • Created dissonance between current practice and new ways of ‘doing’ as part of teaching as inquiry
  • Students’ oral language, social and communication skills have improved
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