Structures for Active Engagement – Level 2

Engage Every Intelligence!

How am I Intelligent?

Unique brains – Unique talents


Reasoning and relevance to 21st C teaching

Seamless Integration

Engage and develop every intelligence

Develop HLT skills

Give your students tomorrow’s advantage


Our job as educators is to prepare students for their future, not our yesterdays. As our world is growing more complex and interdependent, it is crucial that we provide our students with a wide range of tools and strategies they can apply in multiple contexts. The students of today who regularly engage the range of intelligences will have an advantage in the world of tomorrow in which they will use technology to integrate logic, words, music, art, nature, and social interaction.

The content we teach today soon will be outdated. So what is the constant? The constant is intelligence. No matter what information our students will deal with, they will be more successful if they can think about and respond to that information in many ways – by using their multiple intelligences.

Using Kagan Structures from this workshop will ensure you are engaging more than one intelligence at any one time. When students are working in a structure, the intelligences are interacting. At times students will be developing those areas which need improvement and at other times, stretching those areas that are already a strength.

Please note that you need to have completed all days of Level 1 before attending this course.

Workshop Outcomes

You will learn:

  • how your students are smart in eight ways
  • your own pattern of intelligences
  • how to provide multiple windows and exposures into your curriculum to make sure your students are really “getting it”
  • how to boost your students self-esteem and confidence as they learn about their unique intelligences
  • how to differentiate for all learners
  • how to build appreciation for diversity and different strengths and talents
  • a range of structures and strategies to make your room an MI-friendly space

Help your non-traditional learners by using innovative MI structures all your students will love!

Workshop Materials

You will receive:

  • Multiple Intelligences: the Complete Multiple Intelligences Book
  • Multiple Intelligences course workbook and binder
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Upcoming Events

None planned at this stage.

Prerequisite: Kagan Structures for Active Engagement Level 1 – Cooperative Learning


1-20 participants $1500 plus

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21-50 participants $1500 plus

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51-99 participants $1600 plus

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  • These prices are for school-hosted workshops (school provides venue, catering, and covers trainer travel expenses where applicable)
  • All teachers are expected to purchase the book – “Multiple Intelligences: the Complete Multiple Intelligences Book” Retails for $80 Workshop special price of $65 per person
  • Teacher Aides attending training with their school are not required to purchase the “Multiple Intelligences: the Complete Multiple Intelligences Book”
  • All prices include the workshop workbook (and binder and inserts where applicable)
  • Prices details: Base-fee plus the per person price, plus the Kagan text (where applicable – usually on the first day only)
  • All prices are exclusive of GST (NB “Multiple Intelligences: the Complete Multiple Intelligences Book” $65 is GST inclusive)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Kagan - can I still do this workshop?

No as this is a Level 2 workshop so Level 1 needs to be completed first.

Who should attend this workshop?

Everyone who has completed Level 1 and is ready for the next step. If you are still not implementing all 7 Keys effectively in your classroom, get that going strongly first. If you’d like help with that, please feel free to contact us as we’d love to help you with that.

What other support do you offer?

We offer many other workshops, such as our foundational “Structures for Active Engagement Level 1 – Cooperative Learning” as well as a wide range of resources in most curriculum areas and many that are cross-curricula.

What about Kagan resources? What ones do we need?

We would advise everyone to buy the Kagan Coopertative Learning book (BKCL) if you don’t already have it in the school. This book is extremely comprehensive and is a fantastic resource. It includes FAQs, research, structures, social skills, resources, activities, classbuilding, teambuilding and lots more.

How many teachers can you train at once?

We can train as many as required dependent on the size of the venue. The more the merrier is always our approach, as you then truly experience how effective Kagan is as a teaching strategy – same directions for any number.

And there is so much more knowledge and experience in the room!

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