Examples of Practice

As you peruse these examples of Jennie’s recent projects, please understand that to preserve confidentiality, the photos are not of the actual school, teachers or students. However, they do accurately represent ‘actual events’.

Cooperative Meetings for School Culture

Facilitating Cooperative Leadership for Transformative Change and Community Involvement

The Challenge: The principal felt that while teaching and learning programmes were becoming more effective and inline with research-based principles, the prevailing leadership style was still quite traditional and out of sync with what was happening in classrooms.

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Facilitating and Coaching Effective Teaching Practice

The Challenge: Due to recent staff changes, resulting in a reorganisation of teaching teams, several teachers were now teaching a different level than they were used to as well as now being in a different team. Teaching as Inquiry was underway, but some were ‘going through the motions’.

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Effective teaching practice workshop
Students involved in Kagan Cooperative Learning structure

Developing Inclusive Practice to Support Priority and Special Needs Students

The Challenge: Due to a growing number of Priority Learners, the teachers and SENCO were struggling to effectively meet the learning and behavioural needs of all their learners. Poor oral language, social skills and behaviour were all areas of concern. Coupled with this was the challenge of building inclusive and safe effective learning environments. The teachers wanted help!

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Kagan Training for Teachers in a Modern Learning Environment

Problem: The MLE space had just been built, and the new team of teachers  were unsure as to how it would work with 150 students in ‘one space’, using ‘cross-grouping’ or specialist teaching, managing transitions and behaviour, and collaborating for planning, assessment, and timetabling etc.

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Kagan Cooperative Learning structure

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