Welcome to Jennie's Reads

Quotes, musings and maybe a little review and critique
The Innovator’s Mindset

The Innovator’s Mindset

The Innovator's Mindset: Empower learning, unleash talent, and lead a culture of creativity. This book gave me goosebumps! So much of what George Couros writes resonated with me and what I believe education should be. He uses quotes and tweets throughout to emphasise...

Welcome to Jennie’s Reads

Hi there, this is my first post in this section. I love reading - fiction or non-fiction? I don't care! But this area is focused on educational and motivational books for educators. I always have a book or two on the go, and react and process, internally and...

Blog to win – Kagan Selector Tools software!

Hey guys, you've hopefully read the Interview with Trish? If so, you'll have an idea of what things I like to know (and you like to read?) There's more of course, like... what impact is Kagan having on/for your students? how has it changed your teaching? what's been a...

Interview with Trish

Hey there team, a while ago I promised an 'interview', so while I was chatting to Trish the other day, I quizzed her. Some of you may know that Trish is one of our trainers, teaches Year 7 & 8, and is also a member of the SLT at her school in West Auckland. What...

Switchboard Winner

Hey there everyone! I finally got around to doing the draw for the Switchboard pack, and the lucky winner is: Mandy Aldridge-Neal from Wharenui School in Christchurch. I numbered everyone, then used my Selector Tool on my phone to choose a random number. So Mandy,...

Members Blog

We have set up a Members Blog for those of you who have attended a full day's workshop or more. If you haven't signed up yet, you should, as this is the area where resources, ideas, articles etc to support all things Kagan will be shared. Free draws for resources will...

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