Untitled-2Dr. Spencer Kagan

Kagan Publishing and Professional Development has its roots in a research programme begun by Dr. Spencer Kagan in 1968.

Dr. Kagan discovered that, world-wide, children of all ages responded with enhanced cooperativeness when placed in certain types of situations. Dr. Kagan began a research program to apply those findings to classrooms, creating simple ways teachers could structure the interaction of students.

Kagan’s structures not only led to greater cooperativeness, but led also to greater academic achievement, improved ethnic relations, enhanced self- esteem, harmonious classroom climate, and a range of social skills. Thus, Dr. Kagan fathered the structural approach to cooperative learning which is now used in classrooms at all grade levels, world-wide, to produce revolutionary positive results.

Dr. Kagan’s book, Cooperative Learning, is the single most comprehensive and popular book in the field having sold over a quarter of a million copies. Instead of emphasizing complex cooperative learning lessons, theme units, projects, and centres, the structural approach makes cooperative learning part of any lesson by inclusion of cooperative structures—it is an integrated approach to cooperative learning.

Because the Kagan Structures are so easy to learn and apply, Kagan participants spontaneously created the Kagan motto: Learn it Today; Use it Tomorrow; Apply it for a Lifetime!

Laurie Kagan

The demand for training of teachers and training of trainers in Kagan Structures has led the Kagans to form one of the world’s foremost training companies for teachers. Untitled-1

Dr. Kagan’s wife, Laurie Kagan, former Director of Elementary Education for the state of Nevada, directs all workshop design, development of training materials, and training of trainers. She personally trains and selects all Kagan trainers, world-wide, who go through a highly effective training process designed to ensure clients will have the very highest quality training possible.

At present there are approximately forty Kagan Certified Trainers across the United States and other countries, providing keynotes, awareness sessions, workshops, and multi-day institutes.

The spirit of Kagan is evident at all levels of the company. Kagan employees—from shipping clerks, to workshop registrars, to national and international presenters—enjoy the reputation of being extremely teacher-friendly. The Kagan staff is dedicated to serving teachers and those who support them.

It is the Kagan mission to improve education by providing the highest quality resources and trainings designed to create in teachers a love of teaching, and in students a love of learning. On a regular basis, attendees worldwide state that one of the Kagan institutes has provided their single most formative and enjoyable professional development experience.

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