Why Are We Here?

Let me tell you a quick story. I'm Jennie. After many years in teaching, where my roles ranged from reliever to principal, special needs to gifted and talented education, and even metal work teacher, I noticed a big problem wasn't going away.

Something Wasn't Working

Schools were in overload. Teachers were frustrated with the enormity of trying to meet every student's needs, and fix everything wrong with society. Decades of initiatives, interventions and PLD were failing. Priority Learners were becoming a growth industry, and students were leaving our school system without the necessary life skills to function in society. Many had managed to 'hide' their way through school, feeling disconnected, invisible and unimportant.

I Didn't Think That Was Right

I wanted to help schools create learning environments that nurtured every student. One where they felt safe, accepted, respected, valued, important, and accountable - for their learning, and for others' learning.

To fulfil on this purpose I set out to build a small yet highly potent, personally-handpicked-by-me team of like-minded people who would obsess over one common goal - to make a difference for learners by equipping schools with the skills to fully engage and fully support all learners - academically, socially, and emotionally.

My Purpose Was Forged

Since that day I've leapt out of bed each morning to help New Zealand's schools fight crime...err, I meant to say - help them win the battle to create the optimum learning environment to grow all learners. And do this without adding to their already huge workload.

Leading The Pack

Within a few years Kagan emerged as the clear leader in multi-dimensional pedagogy that actively engaged all students.

We got there by setting ourselves apart with our ability to deliver professional development that was the 'how' of teaching.

PLD that 'walked the talk' - engaging, interactive, practical, timeless, cross-curricular, universal, and grounded in research.

PLD that made an immediate difference to students and school culture, coupled with coaching and ongoing support. 

PLD that is culturally responsive.

PLD that delivers the front-end of the NZC.

PLD that breaks 'the replacement cycle'.

PLD that supports innovation and developing an innovator's mindset.

Sorry, got a bit carried away then.

So instead of focusing on 'what teachers should be doing' we offer concrete proven life-long methods on 'how' to actually do it.

Staying Human

We also chose to stay small enough to be able to deliver a highly personalised service to each and every teacher, principal, and school, thus avoiding the trap of becoming a churn-and-burn service provider.

We will actually come and model for you in your environment.

Raising The Bar. Again.

Hundreds of raving clients later, we realised that the education PLD landscape has changed dramatically. With the increased focus on personalised learning and teaching as inquiry, and the MOE's introduction of the new PLD model, we realised it was time for us to change.

Hello Jennie - MOE Accredited Facilitator ACC109

Jennie is now an MOE Accredited Facilitator. This enables you to access centralised-funding - we can help you with your application.

We also needed to adapt, and become more flexible, so we now offer CoLs fully Customised PLD, along with our Signature PLD, in order to best meet your specific needs.

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