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Imagine a 5 year old student starting school and learning the Kagan Structure RallyRobin – taking turns saying the alphabet with a partner, or counting to 10, or making a list of things that are blue.

Then imagine that same child in Year 6 using RallyRobin to skip count by 2.5 to 100, or listing adjectives to describe a main character, or listing things that dissolve.

Now imagine that child in Year 10 using RallyRobin to list the Periodic Table, or characters out of a Shakespeare play, or antonyms and synonyms.

Same structure, same instructions, same social expectations, same child, but different content.

This is shared pedagogy in action with just one of Kagan’s 250 Structures for Active Engagement.

In a Kagan room, nothing is left to chance. We make sure every child is included and sharing every time, every day, in every room. We make sure every child is supported and scaffolded, visible, appreciated, valued and accountable – every day in every room.

Imagine how powerful this would be for every child, across every classroom, every day in your CoL. Nothing is left to chance because we already know that doesn’t work.

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