Balanced Literacy 3


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Balanced Literacy 3 (Years 4-5+)
Through Cooperative Learning & Active Engagement
Sharon Skidmore & Jill Graber (Balanced Literacy range covers Juniors to Seniors)
What do you get when you put the best literacy content together with the best instruction available? Highly motivated and literate students. Elementary teachers and literacy coaches have pooled their experience to bring you these tremendously comprehensive guides covering the five national literacy standards: Comprehension, Word Study, Fluency, Writing, and Vocabulary. But unlike any other literacy program, it delivers the literacy skills with the cooperative learning and active engagement thrills. Your students will use Turn Toss to practice spelling, Quiz-Quiz-Trade to master antonyms, CentrePiece to make their writing more descriptive. These giant resources are brimming with activities, lessons, resources, and blacklines making it easy to implement a highly engaging literacy program. Use it as a complete balanced literacy program, or pick and choose activities to infuse engagement into your current literacy program.
NB Year levels are an indication only. These books tend to be quite difficult. BSGBL3


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