We know it works – here’s the what, why and how

The Nature of Learning - OECD

How the learning sciences inform the design of 21stC learning environment

Quality Teaching for Diverse Students

You could read the complete BES, but we’ve summarised the key characteristics to support your Priority Learners for you

Effects of Communication on Student Learning – Maths

“The main research question for this project was: Will a high amount of communication (student to student and student to teacher) affect student learning?” Craig R. Murie M.Ed. Maths.

Cooperative Learning Structures Increase Student Achievement

This study compares achievement scores of 6th grade social studies students who participated in classes using Spencer Kagan’s Structures of Cooperative Learning with students who did not.

Allison Transmission (General Motors) uses Kagan Structures

These two instructors have had great success with Kagan Strutures. “We would never develop a class without Kagan Structures.”

Closing the Achievement Gap

This study looks at the matter of equity and the achievement gap, what’s causing it, and how to close it.

Excellence and Equity

The United States, like most countries in the world, faces two challenges with regard to academic achievementand reducing the discrepancy in educational outcomes.

Effect Size Impact of Kagan Structures

A look at the meta-analyses on cooperative learning in general, along with specific data on two Kagan Structures

Collaborative versus Cooperative Learning - Ted Panitz

“A comparison of the two concepts to help us understand the underlying nature of interactive learning”


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