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Signature Professional Development Opportunities

“It’s all about active engagement!”

Structures for Active Engagement

Level 1 – Cooperative Learning: Integrate student engagement, oral language, and culturally responsive pedagogy using Kagan Structures

Brain-Friendly Teaching for the 21st Century

This workshop is the perfect balance between theory and practical strategies and application. Warning: scientific brain words!

Build School Culture with Cooperative Meetings

Focuses on relationship development, professional learning teams, and shared decision-making

Kagan Structures for Juniors

Nurture and teach important social and academic skills such as sharing, taking turns, & listening with key Kagan structures for Y0-3



Win-Win Discipline

Help students acquire self-discipline while developing trusting and respectful relationships – restorative, holistic, positive!

Structures for Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Seamlessly integrate effective vocabulary development throughout every curriculum area across the day

Reading Between the Lines

Students develop crucial critical thinking and inferential skills when dealing with more complex texts

Reality Reading

Practical strategies to help students be more discerning and develop HLT skills when reading informational texts

Engage Every Intelligence

Cooperative Learning Level 2

Provide multiple windows into your curriculum with 32 easy to implement MI structures

Structures for Second Language Learners

Expose your ESOL students to more functional language and provide multiple language opportunities daily

Create a Caring Classroom Culture

Create the optimal class and school culture for learning with Classbuilding and Teambuilding ideas and structures

Primary Maths

Kagan Structures to ensure maths programmes incorporate mathematical literacy and cooperative problem-solving

Secondary Maths

Integrate teamwork, interpersonal and thinking skills across your maths programme – no matter what level and discipline. Release the power of Kagan Structures for Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus.

Secondary Science

Your science class will become the most popular class in the school with interactive and cooperative Kagan Structures

Secondary Social Sciences

Incorporate Kagan Structures and turn your class into a true community of learners

Secondary Literacy

Kagan Structures to ensure maths programmes incorporate mathematical literacy and cooperative problem-solving

 NEW – 3 Hour Workshops!

Coming in 2018 – Enquire Now

Intro to Brain-Friendly Teaching

Intro to Cooperative Learning

Intro to CL for ELL

Intro to Cooperative Meetings

NZ Teaching Codes & Standards

Intro to Win-Win Discipline

Intro to Multiple Intelligences

Intro to Secondary Structures

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Feedback From Principals And Teachers

“Kagan is a no-brainer – it just makes sense! I thought I was engaging kids, but nothing like how I do it now. I wish I’d come across this when I first started teaching.”

Rae, ex-principal, classroom teacher

“As a BT, I have found the Kagan Cooperative Learning structures and strategies invaluable. Kagan was an integral part of my classroom set up and gave me the skills to manage behaviour positively. The children want to learn because they find class fun and exciting. The detailed and step by step training gave me the confidence to teach in all areas cooperatively”

Leonie, PCT, Auckland

“Kagan Structures are part of every meeting – it’s a rule. At least two structures every meeting. No one wants to sit and be talked at. Meetings are about ongoing relationship development, growing people, and collaborative practice. Admin can be done through an email.”

Principal, South Auckland

“Our kids need to be confident to speak, share their ideas, and ask questions. Even learning to listen to others is a big step for some. I honestly don’t know how other schools are doing it if they aren’t using Kagan.”

Deputy Principal, South Auckland

“We have no behaviour problems – the kids practically teach themselves. That’s not to say they don’t need Kagan. Their social skills are great – as long as they’re with their friends. Put them with the ‘Special Needs’ kid, and it’s a different story. Kagan has ruined me really, as I now see engagement and classrooms through a completely different lens.”

Principal, Manawatu

“My class runs like clockwork using Kagan Management tips and has a positive and safe learning atmosphere thanks to the class and team building activities. I have really seen a difference in individual student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning. The less able feel more supported and confident and the more able feel extended. No one can hide now – they all have to contribute and participate.”

Trish, Team Leader, Auckland

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