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Same approach school-wide

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Learning is the focus not behaviour


Win-Win Discipline is the most concrete and comprehensive classroom discipline programme available. Used worldwide, Win-Win transforms our concept of discipline: Discipline is not something we do to students; it is something we help students acquire! Are there disruptions in your classroom you’d love to eliminate? Is a lack of social skills and self-discipline in some students taking up valuable learning time for them and their classmates? How confident are you in your ability to respond appropriately to aggressive or angry students?

A consistent approach to discipline produces the best results – whether in a room, or across the team or school. Have you had instances where certain students play up for some teachers but not others? We have all seen that happen, so if we can set up all teachers for success with managing student behaviour, why wouldn’t we?

If all teachers are using Win-Win Discipline strategies then the whole team or school reaps the benefits – through modelling, sharing ideas, calmer students, calm and confident teachers, building teacher capacity, increased learning time, and a safe and happy environment for all students. I’m telling you – it’s a win-win!

This is the programme that should be part of teacher training!

Win-Win Discipline is the most comprehensive approach to discipline ever created and comprises 4-5 days in total. Days can be taken one by one, but must be in order.

Day 1 is an overview to the whole programme but you will learn all the basics.

Perfect for SENCOs, leadership team, teachers, and Teacher Aides

Workshop Outcomes

At this practical workshop you will learn how to:

  • Promote responsible behaviour in your classroom
  • Channel your overly energetic students’ disruptive behaviour into productive learning
  • Adopt preventative discipline strategies that address problems before they happen
  • Identify the four areas of behaviour
  • Recognise¬†and validate the seven positions from which all behaviours spring
  • Understand why your students misbehave and what to do about it
  • Convert disruptions into learning opportunities
  • Develop and apply a consistent approach to discipline for all students (great across the whole school)
  • Create a safe, comfortable classroom focussed on learning, not discipline

You will leave feeling more confident in dealing with all types of disruption with a range of strategies and ideas for prevention through to follow-up.

Are you a PB4L school? Don’t worry – Win-Win enhances PB4L and gives you actual strategies for dealing with moments-of-disruption!

Workshop Materials

You will receive:

  • Win-Win Discipline¬†text (Day 1 only)
  • Workshop binder if Day 1 of more
  • Workshop handout or binder insert
Promo Material
Upcoming Events


Auckland – Venue to be confirmed

Win-Win Discipline Day 1      23.01.17     9am-4pm

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Win-Win Discipline Day 2      28.04.17     9am-4pm

Win-Win Discipline Day 1      23.06.17     9am-4pm

Win-Win Discipline Day 2      24.06.17     9am-4pm

Win-Win Discipline Day 3      12.08.17     9am-4pm

Win-Win Discipline Day 4      19.08.17     9am-4pm

No workshops planned for other centres at this stage. Feel free to request one – minimum 12 attendees required.

Host this workshop at your school!

1-20 participants $1500 plus

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21-50 participants $1500 plus

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51-99 participants $1600 plus

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  • These prices are for school-hosted workshops (school provides venue, catering, and covers trainer travel expenses where applicable)
  • All teachers are required to purchase the Win-Win Discipline text valued at $79 but the workshop special price is $64
  • Teacher Aides attending training with their school are not required to purchase the Win-Win Discipline book
  • All prices include the workshop workbook (or binder and inserts if applicable)
  • Prices details: Base-fee plus the per person price, plus the Kagan text (where applicable – usually on the first day only)
  • Book more than one day for the year (ie Days 1 and 2) and receive 10% discount
  • All prices are exclusive of GST (NB Win-Win Discipline book is GST inclusive)

Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't done any other Kagan workshops - can I do Win-Win?

We would always advocate that teachers start with Day 1 Kagan Structures for Active Engagement Level 1, Cooperative Learning. We believe that full engagement for all students along with a safe, brain-friendly and inclusive classroom, are crucial to student achievement, so Day 1 is all about setting up your room for that to happen.

However, Win-Win Discipline is a completely different programme with different structures and strategies. Many teachers do Win-Win without having done Kagan Cooperative Learning, or intending to – but they usually do in the end ūüôā

I'm a Beginning Teacher. Will attending Win-Win Discipline be useful for me?

Yes it certainly will! We have had many new teachers attend Win-Win worldwide and say they learned more practical ideas with us in a day around behaviour than during their entire training. It is known that behaviour is a challenging area for new teachers, and not so new sometime, so extra professional development after training is nearly always required, but not always available.

We are so convinced that Kagan is the best thing for new teachers, we are setting up a 2 year PRT programme where we will cover the following:

Student Engagement; Cooperative Learning; Classroom Management; Behaviour Management; Learning Teams; Assessment; Planning; All NZC Curriculum Areas esp Literacy and Maths; Key Competencies and Values; Reporting; Time Management; Managing Parents; Supporting Priority Learners; IT; Brain-Friendly Teaching; plus more…!

Kagan Coaching and mentoring will be part of the programme, including Tutor Teacher selection and training.

If you’d like to be kept up-to-date on developments, email:

As a principal, will I benefit from attending this workshop?

Absolutely! Firstly, because research (and the MOE) advocates that all school leaders should attend PLD with their staff. Secondly, if you deal with any of the challenging students, you will need to be using the same approach as your teachers, as well as modelling best practice for them.

Plus, a united approach will always have the most impact on student behaviour. Inconsistent approaches to behaviour are often what escalates behaviour.

I work in an MLE - would Win-Win work in that context?

Can I say absolutely?

A consistent approach to discipline produces the best results – whether in your room, or across the team or school. Have¬†you had instances where certain students play up for some teachers but not others? We have all seen that happen, so if we can¬†set up all teachers for success with managing student behaviour, why wouldn’t we?

If all teachers are using Win-Win Discipline strategies then your whole team reaps the benefits – through modelling, sharing ideas, calmer students, calm and confident teachers, building teacher capacity,¬†increased learning time, and a¬†safe and¬†happy environment for all students. I’m telling you – it’s a win-win!

Win-Win and PB4L?

Having worked very closely with PB4L school programme leaders, they saw immediately where Win-Win complemented and enhanced PB4L. With Win-Win, you get strategies and tactics to manage student behaviour from the start. While the word discipline is in the title, Win-Win is very much around creating a safe environment where students are supported to make better decisions, change their behaviour, to trust others, and treat others and themselves with respect. Discipline is not what we do to them, but rather it’s about helping them develop self-discipline. The teacher-student relationship is also one of the key areas we address, for obvious reasons. None of what we do undoes what you will learn or be doing as a PB4L school.

Does Win-Win work for the Secondary sector?

In a nutshell, yes! Win-Win was initially developed for the secondary sector as many behaviour problems at that level, can be very challenging and threatening. Trusting and respectful relationships are crucial at this level, yet hard to develop and maintain with students who have arrived with ‘baggage’ or are bringing their¬†problems and issues¬†to school. When we see what is happening in our communities, it is vital that¬†our students are self-disciplined, respectful, tolerant, resilient¬†and confident, before leaving our hands.

What other support do you offer?

For Win-Win, we provide planning sessions with teachers and strategic and implementation planning with school leaders. Setting up a PLC is another area where we can provide support and training.

We are currently developing a two year PRT programme as well ( see ‘Beginning Teacher’ question). If you would like more information around this, please email us at:¬†or call Jennie on 0274944600.

What about Kagan resources? What ones do we need?

We advise everyone to buy the Kagan Coopertative Learning book (BKCL) as this book is the most comprehensive guide to cooperative learning and all that entails: research, social skills, structures, classbuilding, teambuilding, team formation and much more.

Many of our workshops are based on a Kagan text, so we do require those texts to be purchased as well. We always offer a special workshop rate, and price our workshops accordingly, so the combined price is still around the same as other PLD.

You don’t need to buy every resource, but we would definitely recommend the following:

Silly Sports and Goofy Games; Team Mats; Structures for Classbuilding; Structures for Teambuilding; Kagan Cooperative Learning (if doing a different workshop); Structure Posters; Megatimer if you don’t have a visible timer.

Many of our curriculum specific resources are amazing, but you may want to look through them first. We don’t send out on approval, but we are more than happy to bring resources to you, as we don’t have a show room at this stage…one day maybe.

If you live out of Auckland, just call us and we can discuss options or take pics of pages to give you an idea of what’s inside.

How many teachers can you train at once?

Great question! We can train as many teachers as the venue will allow with everyone seated cafe-style, and still able to see the screen/s and hear the presenter. The most Jennie has trained is 132 so far, but in other countries, they do trainings up to 300 and more.

Ideally, 80 to 120 is a lovely number, but we are flexible around meeting your requirements.

We had some training from our RTLB - should I still attend a workshop?

Yes it certainly will! Firstly, RTLB are not trained or certified to conduct Kagan trainings, and are actually breaching copyright and infringing on Kagan’s Intellectual Property Rights. Hmmmmmm.

Secondly, wouldn’t you rather learn from a trainer who has actually used Kagan with students, has been trained by Spencer and Laurie Kagan, and uses certified Kagan presentation tools¬†and products?

Thirdly, a 45 minute session on Kagan would consist of ¬†showing you a few ‘tricks’ and is only ever meant as a taster session, which¬†will never replicate the benefits of a full day workshop.

And finally, changing teacher pedagogy requires a whole lot more than a session at a¬†staff meeting – don’t you think? The issue for us is that the students don’t get to receive the full benefits from their teacher attending proper training, along with ongoing support such as coaching and implementation planning.

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