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Too many initiatives? Deliver your curriculum, create ideal learning environments, and ensure staff and student well-being with one programme – us!

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Our core trainings across a wide range of areas including Kagan Cooperative Learning


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Develop collaboration, implement shared pedagogy, and ensure seamless transitions

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Cooperative Learning is the most extensively researched educational strategy ever

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Feedback From Principals and Teachers

Kagan Structures are amazing – I use them everywhere!” Principal, Auckland 2017


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Kia Ora and Welcome to Kagan NZ

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Who Are We and What Do We Do?

Simply the BES-t

Excerpts from “Quality Teaching for Diverse Students in Schooling”

Best Evidence Synthesis June 2003 Adrienne Alton-Lee

"Quality teaching is focused on student achievement (including social outcomes) and facilitates high standards of student outcomes for heterogeneous groups of students"

"When teachers are effective in structuring group membership and tasks, and in training students in collaborative skills, the evidence shows positive gains in academic, social and attitudinal outcomes " p.64

"Pedagogical practice is appropriately responsive to the interdependence of socio-cultural and cognitive dimensions"

"Teaching includes specific training in collaborative group work with individual accountability mechanisms"

"Students demonstrate effective co-operative and social skills that enable group processes to facilitate learning for all participants" p.29

"Optimal use is made of complementary combinations of teacher-directed groupings, cooperative groups, structured peer interaction and individual work" p.viii

"Teaching scaffolds reciprocal or alternating tuakana teina roles in student group, or interactive work" p.x

Your students aren't guinea pigs

Underpinned by research, Kagan delivers.

Meet The Founders

Dr Spencer and Laurie Kagan share a passion to improve education – world-wide. Their company, Kagan Publishing and Professional Development ‘walks the talk’ and has been recognised by Orange County as a great place to work.

Meet The Kagan NZ Team

Jennie and Allan Moore share the same passion – to build confident, caring and connected citizens. Involved with Kagan since 2006, they are excited about the opportunity to make a difference for education in NZ.

Kagan has ruined me

“Kagan has ruined me really, as I now see engagement and classrooms through a completely different lens.”

Feedback from Principals and Teachers

Nothing has made a difference

“We have been on a big contract for 3 years, and nothing has made a difference like Kagan. In less than two terms, I have been able to reduce the number of teachers on duty, due to the positive impact it has had on behaviour – we love Kagan! “

Principal, Central Auckland

Kagan is a no-brainer

Kagan is a no-brainer – it just makes sense! I thought I was engaging kids, but nothing like how I do it now. I wish I’d come across this when I first started teaching.”

Rae, ex-principal, classroom teacher

Kagan was an integral part

“As a BT, I have found the Kagan Cooperative Learning structures and strategies invaluable. Kagan was an integral part of my classroom set up and gave me the skills to manage behaviour positively. The children want to learn because they find class fun and exciting. The detailed and step by step training gave me the confidence to teach in all areas cooperatively”


Leonie, PCT, Auckland

Part of every meeting

Kagan Structures are part of every meeting – it’s a rule. At least two structures every meeting. No one wants to sit and be talked at. Meetings are about further developing relationships, growing people, and collaborative practice. Admin can be done through an email.”

Principal, South Auckland

I don't know how other schools are doing it

“Our kids need to be confident to speak, share their ideas, and ask questions. Even learning to listen to others is a big step for some. I honestly don’t know how other schools are doing it if they aren’t using Kagan.”

Deputy Principal, South Auckland

I know we need Kagan

“We actually have no behaviour problems – the kids practically teach themselves. That’s not to say they don’t need Kagan. Teachers would say their students’ social skills are great – and they are, as long as they’re with their friends. Put them with the ‘Special Needs’ kid, and it’s a different story. That’s how I know we need Kagan.”

Principal, Manawatu

No one can hide now

“My class runs like clockwork using Kagan Management tips and has a positive and safe learning atmosphere thanks to the class and team building activities. I have really seen a difference in individual student’s behaviour and attitude towards learning. The less able feel more supported and confident and the more able feel extended. No one can hide now – they all have to contribute and participate.”

Trish, Team Leader, Auckland

They are doing group work

“I’ve had so many arguments with teaching friends. They think they are doing cooperative learning, when they’re not. They are doing group work. I just wish everyone could see Kagan in action, then they’d see the difference. It’s so hard to explain because it all looks the same, unless you know.”

Deputy Principal, Auckland

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