Reading Between the Lines

Develop Deep Thinking Curriculum-Wide

Rationale and Relevance

Put a spotlight on comprehension


Simple, concrete activities and engaging structures

Develop Key Skills

Identify, teach, practice, apply

Multi-Modal Learning

Active interaction with texts


Do we want our students to think deeply about more complex texts and support their thinking with evidence from the text?

Do we want them to deal with and understand the authors intention and ideas, versus what is stated directly in the text?

Do we want them to do this across all areas of the curriculum, and even in their interactions with others?

This workshop will provide you with simple and practical activities and engaging structures that will guide students to actively interct with texts – making the complex inferential process a habit of mind for all students.

Luckily, this workshop is here to help with all of that! We know there are other workshops and reosurces out there around this very subject. So, what makes us different?

The way we run the workshop! We are not ‘sit and get’ – we walk the talk and so will you.

The way we have students interacting with each other! Utilise all the knowledge in the room and have students teaching and coaching each other.

The way we set up classrooms for full and equitable engagement for every student! Create learning teams to ensure scaffolding, safety and support for all students.

Plus – our content is really great as well! Developed by Dr Rick Duvall and based on all the best research around this topic. Recent reviews of this workshop:

“I can’t believe I’ve taught for seven years without this. I keep thinking how much better I could have served my former students and how well I will serve my future students”

“Great strategies! I teach computer skills and work with struggling readers. I learned strategies I can use with either group”

Workshop Outcomes

You will learn how to:

  • engage your students through fun, interactive, multi-modal instruction
  • show students to read closely and make logical inferences from texts
  • have students identify key ideas and details and share them with their team and classmates
  • use strategies to have students ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding
  • develop the skills of describing relationship between varying texts
  • teach your class to cite specific textual evidence to support conclusions drawn from a text
  • promote comprehension of complex literary and informational texts

If you’ve never attended a Kagan workshop before, then you will have also experience a whole raft of new ideas and possibilities around class instruction and management…

Workshop Materials

You will receive:

  • Reading Between the Lines course workbook
Promo Material

Pre-purchase these resources at a special price:

Class/Staff Culture Combo

Kagan Cooperative Learning


Upcoming Events

None planned at this stage but do feel free to let us know if you’d be keen to host or attend this workshop.

We are looking at setting up a tri-fecta event in the first term holidays: Reading Between the Lines; Reality Reading; Effective Vocabulary Instruction

Register your interest with Jennie

Host this workshop at your school!

1-20 participants $1500 plus

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21-50 participants $1500 plus

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51-99 participants $1600 plus

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  • These prices are for school-hosted workshops (school provides venue, catering, and covers trainer travel expenses where applicable)
  • Teacher Aides may attend the training as well
  • All prices include the workshop workbook
  • Prices details: Base-fee plus the per person price
  • All prices are exclusive of GST

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm new to Kagan - can I still do this workshop?

Yes you can, as it is a stand-alone workshop. We do use Kagan Structures from Cooperative Learning to deliver the workshop, but we also teach you wonderful new structures and strategies specifically to help you teach and develop key inferential skills.

We ensure you leave with everything you need to start the next day.

Who should attend this workshop?

To be honest – every teacher! But particulary those that feel their students are hindered by their lack of comprehension capability. This workshop is suitable for primary to early secondary teachers.

What other support do you offer?

We offer many other workshops, such as our foundational “Structures for Active Engagement” as well as a wide range of resources in most curriculum areas and many that are cross-curricula.

What about Kagan resources? What ones do we need?

We would advise everyone to buy the Kagan Coopertative Learning book (BKCL) if you don’t already have it in the school. This book is extremely comprehensive and is a fantastic resource. It includes FAQs, research, structures, social skills, resources, activities, classbuilding, teambuilding and lots more.

We would definitely recommend the following:

Any of the Balanced Literacy series; Cooperative Learning and Grammar; Cooperative Learning for Language Arts: and the Team Mats and Megatimer if you don’t have a visible timer.

How many teachers can you train at once?

We can train as many as required dependent on the size of the venue. The more the merrier is always our approach, as you then truly experience how effective Kagan is as a teaching strategy – same directions for any number.

And there is so much more knowledge and experience in the room!

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